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Property Management


Tall Gates is a full-service property management company that has provided exemplary service to hundreds of investors, as well as thousands of satisfied tenants.


Our team excels in providing professional property management throughout Volusia County. If you are looking for a knowledgeable property manager for your home or portfolio, our trained team of professionals is here to assist you.

Property Management



We prefer to meet with you (if possible) to view the property, discuss any concerns, and complete a property evaluation and free rental analysis to help determine the appropriate lease rate for the property. We want to ensure we are maximizing your rental income.


We developed a marketing campaign that utilizes the latest technology and online resources to attract prospective tenants. Our ads are individually designed for each property to create a professional look and highlight the unique features of your property. Our team utilizes a nationwide real estate marketing system. So, when we enter your property into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), over 10,000 Realtors can instantly see your home. Your online listing always includes updated photos, maps, and relevant property details. In addition, all of our listings are also available to Lease Locator companies in Florida. Referrals from current and past tenants and other agents we work with also provide us with a great pool of potential tenants. Proper pricing of your rental home makes a big difference in marketing strategy. Even the best home will have a hard time renting if it’s overpriced. We do our research and price your home according to the current market. Finally, we make sure your house is ready to show. Our attention to detail such as curb appeal and cleanliness ensures your home is rented quickly to a high-quality tenant. Our Web-Based Marketing Includes More Than 100 Websites Such As: •MLS • • • •Hot Pads •Zillow •Google •Rental Home Plus •My New Place •Craigslist •Rental •Yahoo •plus many more!


You won't find another property management company that is more available to show properties. We have staff available to answer the phone and schedule showings on the weekends, holidays, and evening hours; this is when renters are looking! LOW VACANCY RATE - We typically get most properties rented within 2 to 5 weeks on average. Our Leasing Consultants send Weekly emailed communication updates while the property is vacant.


Thorough tenant screening is critical to a landlord’s success. We have developed a strategic process to screen tenants to ensure rent will be paid on time and your property will be well looked after. 1.In our residential verification, we talk to past landlords and ask detailed, open-ended questions about the tenant. 2.When a private individual instead of a management company is listed as a previous or current landlord, we do a property tax search to confirm we’re talking to the person who actually owns the property. This stops people from trying to commit fraud and our extra level of scrutiny has saved our owners from some potentially bad tenant situations. 3.We analyze credit reports to get an accurate financial picture and evaluate tenants’ ability to meet their obligations. Applicants must meet our established credit standards. We pull driver’s license records to check previous addresses. If an applicant says they have been living at one address for three years, but we find they renewed their driver’s license at a different address a year ago, we wonder what they’re trying to hide. 4.Employment and income verification is also an important part of our screening process. We contact employers to verify employment and income. It’s required that a tenant earns at least three times the monthly rent in order to qualify, and we ask for pay stubs to document the income. If someone is self-employed or retired, we can verify income in other ways. 5.A thorough background check is critical in the tenant selection process. We look for bankruptcy, foreclosures, evictions, repossessions, and convictions. 6.Finally, we conduct additional searches that reveal any criminal background or other red flags (check writing ability and social security fraud alerts and so much more). We ensure tenants do not move in with pets unless our property owners allow it. While many potential tenants have pets, if you decide to allow them, we protect your property by limiting breeds as well as the quantity and size of the animals. Pet owners are subject to extra screening and lease addenda.


Our team handles all the necessary paperwork associated with the leasing of your property and ensures compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws. All leases are drawn, updated, and reviewed regularly by an attorney. We enforce all terms of the lease including timely rent collection and the tenant's responsibilities to maintain the property. MAINTAIN CONSISTENT POLICIES WITH YOUR TENANTS - Keeping your landlord relationship strictly professional by using an experienced property manager to enforce your lease is the key to being a more profitable investor. If rent begins to come in late or not at all, you don’t want to let your tenant get away with it. We are here to ensure your investment property becomes and remains an income-producing business. MOVE-OUT PROCESS - Our team sets high expectations for our tenants from the beginning of the lease period. Tenants are supplied with written move-out procedures to follow and are held financially accountable for any repairs or cleaning that is necessary when they vacate the property. This move-out process is extensive and includes photos/video recordings of the property. EVICTION PROTECTION - We file and process evictions for you if a tenant defaults on the payment of rent or violates any terms of the lease.


We have skilled, licensed, and insured tradesmen and suppliers available to service your property's needs. With our purchasing power, we get high-quality service at reasonable rates. Our Vendors are loyal, trustworthy, and quick to respond. All receipts for services are provided with the owner’s statements accessible through your Owner Portal, along with instant communication updates on repairs and maintenance. Scheduled Property Reviews - Our team visits the property on a regular basis to perform bi-annual property reviews. The visits include a full walk-thru of the interior and exterior of the property along with digital pictures and a written report. Frequent visits help to discover tenant damage or neglect, maintenance concerns, unauthorized pets, over-occupancy issues, etc., early on for the duration of the lease.


Detailed accounting for all income and expenses for your property is constantly updated and accessible through your Owner Portal. We make sure you receive rent immediately after it is collected because the timely disbursement of funds to our owners is a high priority. Using the industry's most advanced property management and accounting program to accomplish this. This program also allows our owners to access the system online and obtain property information anytime through the online Owner Portal. Copies of all lease documents, accounting statements, work orders, receipts, and vendor invoices are stored and available for viewing in the Owner Portal 24/7. At the end of the year, we supply owners with annual statements categorizing all income and expenses for the property and 1099 for your tax purposes.


New Age Real Estate incorporates the most advanced technology available in the business: •Paperless Office •Electronic Payments (ACH) •Electronic Rent Collection (ACH) •Industry Leading Web Based Management and Accounting Program •Owner and Tenant Online Web Portals •Online Document Signing and Storage •Electronic Statements and Reporting •Bank Lockbox Service •e-fax, VOIP phone system •Digital Video Recording Online & Website Advertising •Search Engine Placement We are always looking for new innovations that will better serve our clients.

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